3D Printer Error Detection (Part 2)


I’ve been working on an encoder-driven system for error correction for a few months now. Ideally, the end-game would be complete closed-loop control over each axis. This would allow smaller motors (perhaps not even stepper motors), higher accelerations, and the ability to overcome most skipped-step related issues.

I posted a video last month, and after a much-appreciated post by Hackaday there was quite a bit of interest – so this is a follow-up post about the project.

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Programming the Aus3D Z-Probe (Part 1)

One of the more interesting components in the Mark2 3D Printer is the Z probe, an IR probe designed to precisely measure the height of the bed for automatic bed-levelling.

This is the first product that I’ve been shipping that I’ve needed to program and test, and I’ve had some fun along the way trying to make the process faster.

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