3D Printed Arc Reactor

Last year I designed and shared a 3D-printable Arc reactor prop, controlled by an Adafruit Gemma microcontroller and using a NeoPixel Ring for illumination.

2014-07-07 19.58.03

I originally intended to publish a diagram / assembly guide along with the files on Thingiverse,  but as with many projects that didn’t happen.

So, today (finally) I plan to explain the inner workings of my Arc reactor prop for those that wish to replicate it.

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Programming an Arduino with regular AVR-GCC Code

I’ve recently been working on a University project where I needed to develop software to run on Atmel’s STK-600 board – a dev board featuring an ATmega2560 at it’s core. The project is being built in Atmel Studio, and is written in AVR-C++. For working on this project at home, I wanted to be able to run my code on one of the Arduino Mega’s I’ve got lying around. Both boards use the same ATmega2560 AVR – so why not?

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