I’ve always had an interest in game design and development, and have dabbled in a few different projects over the years. This page is intended to curate a few of these projects.

It’s worth pointing out that I am in no way a skilled or experienced game developer, and I have never taken any projects to public or commercial launch – these are just personal projects that I’ve worked on in the past, and they are usually unfinished.

This page is a work in progress – I have a lot of old projects that I’d like to mention here, but it takes a little while to collate the info and images for each.

Halo: Intangible Triumph

A top-down shooter set in the universe of Bungie’s Halo games. I created it during my first year of high school, back in 2007, using Game Maker 6.1.

Year: 2007
Style: Top-Down Shooter
Platform: Windows
Engine: GameMaker 6.1

Stargate Odyssey

A top-down space combat game set in the Stargate universe. The player pilots a Daedalus-class ship through a series of scenarios involving combat with Goa’uld and Ori vessels.

Year: 2008
Style: Top-Down Space Combat
Platform: Windows
Engine: GameMaker 6.1


A simple Android game built using AndEngine and the Box2D physics engine. The goal is to stack boxes in order to build the highest tower - something that quickly becomes challenging.

Year: 2012
Platform: Android
Engine: AndEngine

Rally Point Alpha

A "tower defence" style game where the roles are reversed. You control a fleet of spacecraft trying to reach Rally Point Alpha - but the enemy has placed a blockade in your way! Choose your ships to counter the enemy entrenchments, and see how many can make it through.

Year: 2013
Style: Tower Defence
Platform: GameMaker Studio
Engine: Android


In this game, the player can only do two things - jump or duck. The character is constantly running forward along a series of floating platforms - jump when he reaches the edge, duck when there's an overhead obstacle, and see how far you can get!

Year: 2014
Style: 2D Platformer
Platform: Android
Engine: GameMaker Studio

VR Puzzle Game

A virtual reality game designed for the HTC Vive VR system. Inspired by the Portal series, the player is equipped with a handheld teleportation device that casts a physics-based parabolic beam, which you can aim to select the teleportation destination. Some surfaces will reflect the beam, some will reverse the direction of the arc, and some destinations can't be teleported to at all. Use your wits to find your way through various puzzles on your way to the goal.

Year: 2016
Style: First Person Puzzle
Platform: HTC Vive
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

VR Target Practice

A simple VR game designed for the HTC Vive. The player stands in the middle of a large arena - behind them, a table covered in ammunition, in their hand, a pistol, and in front of them, wave after wave of holographic targets. Different targets behave differently, but most move towards you - if enough reach you, it's game over. Aim well, stay aware of your surroundings, and manage your reloading well - and see what score you can get.

Year: 2016
Style: First Person Shooter
Platform: HTC Vive
Engine: Unreal Engine 4