Aus3D MK2 Printer Development (Part 5)

Testing out the integrated spool holder today – let’s see how well this thing works!

With the printer’s electronics (controller + PSU) mounted on the outside of the frame, the spool holder can quite comfortably hold 5 1kg spools of filament. That’s more filament than I had or used in the first few months of having my first printer – you could basically use it as storage for all of your filament and not have a problem.


Of course, the recommended way to (so far) assemble these kits is with the electronics inside the frame. This is really just because it’s neater, and things – pets, children, you know, things! – are less likely to hook on an important wire and destroy everything.

Anyway, assembling the printer in this fashion still provides comfortable room for three spools – not too bad. You could go half-and-half (PSU on outside, controller on inside, or vice-versa) and get four spools in there – I suppose it’s adaptable enough that people can make their own choice, which can only be a good thing – right?

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